Music Theory Lessons

These lessons are designed so that you can learn theory WITHOUT needing to read music.
This is not instruement specific in any way. The goal is to get you up to the point where
you understand scales, chords, and are able to identify keys, especially helpful if you're interested
in improvisation. Currently lessons are in an audio format. Video lessons are on the way.
Check back often as this site is under development.

For these lessons to be most effective grab your instrument and some blank paper.
Writing out the material loads it into the brain a lot faster!


  1. The Musical Alphabet
  2. Sharps and Flats
  3. Half and Whole Steps
  4. The Major Scale
  5. Intervals
  6. Triads
  7. Major Scale Harmony
  8. Seventh Chords
  9. Minor Scales
  10. Identifying Key Centers

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