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july 25

Monday’s evening session was quite nice as we met in a climate controlled, air conditioned space. Had we been outside experiencing the inside-of-a-volcano temperature we certainly would not have had the same level of energy. But that might be interesting to … Continue reading

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experiencing “new” music: steve reich

This is another series I’m starting with a view to opening us all up to “new” music. The word new is in quotes because one could only consider this music as having been created recently if we were employing the timescale … Continue reading

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talking about dot, dot, dot…with jim mckinney

This post kicks off a new series entitled, “Talking About Dot, Dot, Dot,” where I have the privilege to interview various people on their thoughts about music, spirituality, creativity, and and how all of that ties into living life both … Continue reading

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july 18

Monday evening’s gathering was sensational. We kicked things off with chanting. First we chanted drones and perfect fifths against those, then minor seconds, in an effort to hear one of the most consonant harmonic structures alongside one of the most dissonant. … Continue reading

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chanting hebrew words using tarot cards

This post might seem very esoteric, and while it is based in Western esoteric tradition it’s really just an extension of what we’ve been talking about regarding chanting, and trying to find ways to make chants meaningful to us personally. There is … Continue reading

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july 11

Well because of the 4th of July and other sundry exigencies the music meditation project wasn’t able to meet for the past two weeks. This week brought an end to that state of affairs, and we returned with a high … Continue reading

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