july 25

Monday’s evening session was quite nice as we met in a climate controlled, air conditioned space. Had we been outside experiencing the inside-of-a-volcano temperature we certainly would not have had the same level of energy. But that might be interesting to try someday, too…

We’ve been putting a little more emphasis on chanting, not only by experimenting with different harmonies but also becoming aware of counterpoint. That carried over a bit into our walking-chanting meditation:

We then experimented with different counting exercises (which seem to demand a huge amount of concentration — and that’s a good thing!) which led into quite a lively rhythmic groove:

Then some instrumental ruminations:

And of course we wrapped things up by our “embracing silence” sonic meditation. Sometimes I feel that this segment really allows our creativity to flow out. What are your thoughts (either as a listener or a participant)?

As always it was a sensational experience: thanks so much to everyone who could make it!

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