august 8

This was our last session before a five week break (we will be meeting again in Richmond on September 19 at the usual time and spot).

Once again we spent some time with chanting, both hearing and feeling different combinations of intervals and short melodic lines. The theme from Close Encounters (of John Williams) was even sung a few times. This theme made an appearance in the walking/chanting portion of the session (but it also showed up again later in the session in instrumental garb if you listen for it).

For our rhythmic meditation we initially broke into two groups, each one playing on a different beat, the goal being to produce an overall interesting rhythm. We carried that spirit over into our free rhythmic playing:

It think we were very exploratory here in our instrumental meditation (this is where Close Encounters returns. Can you hear what instrument is playing it?)

Lastly we embraced silence. Sometimes silence is a palpable presence, at other times it seems that silence is more interpreted as ‘darkness’, or dream-like. Any thoughts on that?

It was an amazing session to have right before our break! I hope everyone felt as centered and energized as I did. Hope to see everyone back in September.

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