saturday, september 3 — chiang mai, thailand


This was a large group, and perhaps the most international assemblage of any of the music meditation gatherings, but there certainly seemed to be a unity of purpose among all who were present. While awaiting the session proper to begin a short duet broke out:

Then what I would call a chant of purification:

Followed by a somewhat more ambient chant:

We then, after some rhythmic centering exercises, broke into a percussive jam:

And some melodic improvisation:

And to end with we “embraced silence.” In this case, without any verbal cues whatsover, we returned whence we began, by chanting:

A very deep bow to all who made it out. I for one was transported, deeply energized, and felt very connected to, for want of a better word I’ll simply call “that something larger than I”.

Hope to stay in touch with you all, and see you when this happens again in Chiang Mai! ขอบคุณมากครับ

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2 Responses to saturday, september 3 — chiang mai, thailand

  1. tomji says:

    Is the chiang mai meetup still active? Would enjoy helping out. Finishing dissertation on topic of mindfulness and sound: SoundRefuge. Happy tunes. Tomji

    • nycpopband says:

      Sorry I just saw this! It’s not actually active at the moment in Chiang Mai. I should return there in March for a few sessions. Thanks! Charles

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