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live performance from jen’s jukebox

We had a wonderful time performing live on the air on the great radio show Jen’s Jukebox the ther night. It seems that I ran out of time and didn’t get set up to record what the studio microphones captured … Continue reading

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october 17

Tonight was a splendid gathering. I did manage not to record the chanting portion of the meeting, but the remainder of the session was more fortunate. Also of note was that this instrumental session was somewhat longer than others of … Continue reading

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live radio appearance on jen’s jukebox

The music meditation project will be performing live on air Tuesday, October 18 at 6 pm on the fabulous radio show Jen’s Jukebox on WECI 91.5 FM Richmond, Indiana. Jennifer Eastman Swafford is not only a talented radio show host … Continue reading

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october 10

Last night’s gathering began with a semi-silent breathing meditation, after which two chants were improvised: the first sitting, the second while walking: And after some rhythmic centering exercises we broke out into the following: And then a full fledged instrumental … Continue reading

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upcoming gatherings

Two additions are being made to the music meditation gatherings, one relating to music and the other to meditation more broadly. Basically during the chanting portion we will start to explore — by listening and by chanting — actual chants. The … Continue reading

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experiencing “new” music: satugaan

Another post in new music which is in fact nowhere near being new, but might be new to your ears, particularly if you’re not of Southeast Asian descent (apologies if this is old hat to anyone, but it’s still quite … Continue reading

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october 3

Last night’s session began with our usual semi-silent meditation. Then, hoping to establish “good vibes” in the room we incantated our chant of purification. Then a walking-chanting meditation: Then after some exercises we began a rhythmic jam. Unfortunately the recording got … Continue reading

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