december 19

We had a fabulous gathering Monday evening. And since this was our last meeting before Christmas we made use of a few Yuletide carols in our chanting portion of the session. We also did a short “chant of purification”: that is, we use this chant to sonically cleanse the room of negativity, etc. (Is it effective? That I leave up to you…)

Then of course we broke into some rhythmic activity:

And then some of us took up some melody and chord producing instruments, and we had two short improvised sessions, the second of which took its cue from the blues shuffle rhythm:

And finally, in order to return to a place of quietude, we “embraced silence”: that is, we attempted to make silence a palpable part of our music/sound making:

Thanks to everyone who made it out…I was completely energized and inspired! Hope you were as well…a deep bow.

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