january 2

We kicked off the New Year with a fantastic gathering. After our initial breathing meditation we chanted some harmonies found in medieval music from around the 12th century onward. We even did a competent job realizing the so-called double leading tone cadence. (There is a short Wikipedia article here where it’s termed a Lydian cadence.)

Unfortunately, due to some technical issues I haven’t resolved involving iTunes and my iPhone, I could only get one audio clip up, and that is of our instrumental improvising. We were definitely tapping in to some quiet and reflective psychedelic vibes here:

By the way, the question posed and discussed before the breathing meditation was something along the lines of, “What is it that happens when we let the mind settle? What, if anything, is uncovered or revealed?” Any thoughts?

A deep bow to all who made it out: tremendously energizing! See you next week.

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