march 6

Well it’s been a while since last I posted. Mainly I’m going to blame the fact that I’ve had some technical difficulties that are slowing down the process (totally true), but I should also mention that a couple of weeks went by without classes.

But this week we were back at it and had a fabulous session. I’ve uploaded a clip near the end of our gathering that combined some elements of our rhythmic exercises/meditations — they’re almost trance inducing at times — with an overall fairly “mellow” vibe.

The laid back energy of this meditation worked well as a bridge of sorts leading into our final “embracing of silence” improvisation, which typically makes as much use of sound as music. I don’t have a recording of this session’s “silence” but feel free to browse back through the archive where there are many such. And if you do so let us know what you think here (or there, for that matter).

Thanks to all who made it out…see you next week!

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