Basic Goals

The music meditation project is an endeavor to bring people together to use the creation of sound and music as a form of meditation, and to use music and sound making as a way of exploring and developing our own creativity. No musical experience is necessary at all to come join us! One main axiom of the group is that all people are innately musical and creative, and that none of us need any “permission” to be creative and musical. Everyone is encouraged to come with a beginner’s mind, positive, open, and receptive.

After some initial breathing meditation and other centering exercises we launch into spontaneously created music and soundscapes. By focusing upon our own sound making we center ourselves, and by being aware of our contribution to the overall ensemble/environment we expand our sense of self. It’s a great way to relax and reduce stress, and access the deep pools of creativity that lie within us all. It’s also a great way to have fun and experience fellowship!

You’re welcome to bring an instrument or some other sound-making device (pot lids are quite nice) or use what’s available (there is always an abundance of instruments). Chanting/singing is certainly welcome, as are those who simply wish to sit and silently meditate.

The music meditation project meets Monday evenings at 7 pm at fabulous Journey Yoga, located at  444 N 10th St, Richmond, Indiana, $5.

For more info feel free to contact: