Charles Ramsey

Charles Ramsey leads the music meditation project: To him falls the blame for any shortcomings in the execution or methodology of the classes, but the successes are completely due to the participants only.

Charles learned trumpet, piano and guitar at an early age and holds a bachelor’s degree from the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music in classical guitar performance. He then went on to obtain a master of arts in Hellenistic Literature from the Hebrew Union College where he studied Greek, Latin and Hebrew, Greek philosophy and the history of Biblical interpretation.

He spent the next 17 years living in New York City where he taught and performed music, met many amazing and inspiring musicians, began the study of Japanese, Chinese and Thai, and started to synthesize his interests in meditation, spirituality, creativity, language and music. The music meditation project is an outgrowth of those interests, as well as the belief that all people are innately creative and musical and that we all have a desire to connect with the world in a deeper way.

More information on his musical doings can be found on his website.