Structure of the Classes

The music meditation gatherings are broken up into five main segments:

  1. Silent meditation
  2. Walking/Chanting meditation
  3. Rhythmic
  4. Instrumental
  5. Embracing silence

In each segment, and in the gatherings overall, we always keep two ideas in mind: that of centering and that of connecting. Centering has to do with bringing our attention to our breathing and our doing in the present, letting other extraneous thoughts settle elsewhere. Connecting has to do with awareness of our immediate community and environment. In remaining centered we still need to be agile and responsive, and in connecting we need to be rooted.

The meetings also have a progression which begins with silence, moves into sound, and ends by merging with silence once again. Silence is a presence, and without it there can be no sound. Being aware of and feeling silence and sound as being two aspects of one reality is always a goal.