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chanting hebrew words using tarot cards

This post might seem very esoteric, and while it is based in Western esoteric tradition it’s really just an extension of what we’ve been talking about regarding chanting, and trying to find ways to make chants meaningful to us personally. There is … Continue reading

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chanting your name (and other powerful words)

The musical alphabet contains seven different letters, namely: A, B, C, D, E, F, G Even with this limited amount of letters words can be formed, e.g. bag, cab, egg, fed, fade, cabbage, and so on. Also if your name … Continue reading

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In this post we’re going to focus on using air as a means of producing sound for the purposes of meditation. Of course in our post on chanting we implicitly used air, and needless to say air is bound up … Continue reading

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a meditation from the kabbalah tradition

This is the meditation we use at the beginning of the music meditation project’s gatherings, which is drawn from the Kabbalah tradition. First there’s an audio clip of what this sounds like, where you can have a go at doing the … Continue reading

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“In all seriousness I believe that the physical vibration of your brain by sound waves creates changes in how the brain works.” (Neal Stephenson, Anathem, p. 408) I like using the word chanting as opposed to singing. The word singing conjures up … Continue reading

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Welcome back to this series which offers up ways of using sound meditatively. Again this series is designed so that you can do these exercises alone, as a form of meditation. Of course any plurality of people can do these exercises … Continue reading

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This is the first in a series of posts that will offer ideas to help us use sound/music in a meditative way, that is, in a way that will focus and center us. These exercises are designed so that they … Continue reading

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minimalist meditation

“Minimalist” here refers to the style of music pioneered by the likes of Steve Reich and Philip Glass, inter alios. The idea here in our context is to make use of very simple, repetitive patterns which help to focus and … Continue reading

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