Past Events

2016 Summer Sessions in Thailand

This summer in August and September the music meditation project will be holding several sessions throughout Thailand. The goal is to reach a wider audience of people who might find music as a form of meditation fun, invigorating and on par with other physical meditations like yoga or tai-chi, and to help everyone access the deep pools of creativity that lie within all of us.

Since we will be in Thailand we will take advantage of using Thai classical musical instruments alongside those of European origin and we will integrate some elements of traditional Thai music into our spontaneously improvised music. The project will also be aided by native Thais who are practitioners of Theravada Buddhism, very adept at meditation and will be able to teach us some Buddhist chants.


วัดอรุณ Wat Arun

In Chiang Mai there will be two sessions at Mahasiddha Yoga. The first first session will take place on Friday, 2 September at 5 pm and the second Saturday, 3 September at 1 pm. Mahasiddha Yoga is located at 19 Soi 6 Sam Lan, Prasing Mueang.


Posts from those sessions are available here and here.

In Pattaya there will be a session on Thursday, 8 September at 3 pm at Yoga Pattaya, which is located at 315/322 Thepprasit Soi 12 (near Jomtien beach).


And check back here often as sessions in Bangkok will be added as well. If you’re in Thailand and are able to join us please do!

A post from that session is here.

August 2016 Sessions in Los Angeles

In the second and third weeks of August the music meditation project will be holding sessions in Los Angeles, California.

There will be two events on Sunday, August 14th at Limited Ink Studios, in Hollywood: a morning class session and an evening event featuring a short classical guitar concert followed by a completely improvised music session which all are encouraged to participate in. Each of these indoor events will be $5, but if you attend the morning session that will cover the evening event as well.

Limited Ink Studios is located at 5335 Santa Monica Boulevard, Second Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90029:



We will also be meeting at Venice Beach on Friday, 19 August at 7 pm. We will meet at the intersection of the pier and boardwalk. Another free event!

The Limited Ink sessions can be found here and here. The Venice Beach session is here.

Music Meditation Workshop Monday, July 11, 1 pm, at the Richmond Senior Center

There will be a workshop covering what the music meditation project does and how to use music in meditative ways in our daily lives. The workshop will be held at the Richmond Senior Center located at 1600 South 2nd Street in Richmond, Indiana. The workshop is free and open to the public.


(This really went well! I’m always amazed at how, without any verbal communication whatsoever, music can arise from a group of people!)

* * * * * * *

The music meditation project was able to assemble as the last part of Words and Music on Saturday, June 4, hosted by Steve Cleaver. The audience was invited to participate and they came forward in droves. The music created truly was ex nihilo in that there was not one word discussed as to what would be played, though you wouldn’t be blamed if you thought that it had been somewhat planned. A really remarkable experience, and one we hope to repeat often!

* * * * * * *

The New York City gathering on Wednesday, May 4, 2016 was amazing! Thanks to all who came out. Unfortunately the original location of Central Park had to be changed (it was 52 degrees F and raining) but where we ended up in Brooklyn couldn’t have been better. Hopefully everyone can return in November! Some audio is available in this post.