january 23

This offering is of our last improvisation of the evening (and of every evening): an “embracing of silence” which is a way of bringing silence into the foreground and treating it just as we would any other sound. Generally the soundscapes/music produced seem nocturnal, dreamlike, and call to mind certain animals wild and lonely.

What are your thoughts?

Thanks to all who made it out!

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january 17

The evening’s gathering was fantastic. In addition to our usual meditative beginning we have added a segment where we listen and play along with music — usually music that is in some way felt to be “meditative” (though this can vary from listener to listener). This served as a springboard for creating some of our own music (which didn’t manage to make its way to this site).

An audio clip from the evening that did make it onto this site is the following:

As always I was deeply energized and humbled by everyone’s creativity. Thanks to all who made it out!

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january 9

This was, as always, a fabulous gathering. A huge amount of creative energy was on display. And while everything did get recorded, not everything has been edited and transferred to this site (still some problems with the new iTunes recognizing my iPhone).

There are a few clips here. The first one is pretty groovy, the second one a little slower:

And lastly we “embraced silence”:

Evocative of hungry, lonely animals? Wandering spirits? Any thoughts?

Thanks to all who made it out, it was a pleasure, and very energizing!

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january 2

We kicked off the New Year with a fantastic gathering. After our initial breathing meditation we chanted some harmonies found in medieval music from around the 12th century onward. We even did a competent job realizing the so-called double leading tone cadence. (There is a short Wikipedia article here where it’s termed a Lydian cadence.)

Unfortunately, due to some technical issues I haven’t resolved involving iTunes and my iPhone, I could only get one audio clip up, and that is of our instrumental improvising. We were definitely tapping in to some quiet and reflective psychedelic vibes here:

By the way, the question posed and discussed before the breathing meditation was something along the lines of, “What is it that happens when we let the mind settle? What, if anything, is uncovered or revealed?” Any thoughts?

A deep bow to all who made it out: tremendously energizing! See you next week.

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december 26

On the second day of Christmas…

We had an amazing gathering this evening. Two turtledoves were not present, but instead a lot of primal energy was on tap. Most of the session has not been transferred (an iTunes, iPhone issue) but I did manage to get the instrumental improvisation uploaded here for all of posterity:

Many beautiful melodies, energetic rhythms, and many interesting harmonies. The recorder was waaaay too close to the guitar amp, so the balance isn’t great. Otherwise I’m happy that his record of the session exists. Thanks to all who made it out! See you next year!

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december 19

We had a fabulous gathering Monday evening. And since this was our last meeting before Christmas we made use of a few Yuletide carols in our chanting portion of the session. We also did a short “chant of purification”: that is, we use this chant to sonically cleanse the room of negativity, etc. (Is it effective? That I leave up to you…)

Then of course we broke into some rhythmic activity:

And then some of us took up some melody and chord producing instruments, and we had two short improvised sessions, the second of which took its cue from the blues shuffle rhythm:

And finally, in order to return to a place of quietude, we “embraced silence”: that is, we attempted to make silence a palpable part of our music/sound making:

Thanks to everyone who made it out…I was completely energized and inspired! Hope you were as well…a deep bow.

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december 12

After an initial semi-silent breathing meditation we experimented with creating harmonies with varying degrees of consonance and dissonance. We then took to a walking/chanting meditation:

Then some rhythmic exercises and free rhythmic playing:

We then took up some melody and chord producing instruments, and after experimenting with various combinations — and what those combinations tend to evoke — we broke into some instrumental ruminations:

And lastly we let our energy merge with the silence with which we began:

Thanks to all who made it out…it was fantastic and I was completely energized. Hope everyone else felt likewise.

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december 5

After our opening breathing meditation and walking/chanting meditation we delved into some rhythmic exercises designed to focus our attention on the present. Then we took to some free rhythmic playing:

Then some chords and melodies were added to the rhythmic instruments:

And lastly we returned to silence by letting it become a part of what we played:

It was a fantastic evening: thanks to all who could make it!

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november 28

Even though it was quite rainy last evening’s gathering was well-attended, with a creative energy that was at a particularly high level. After our initial breathing meditation an “chant of purification” we took to a chanting and walking meditation. I’m not sure if the sound of the rain made it onto the audio or not, but it was quite a nice sonic backdrop.

Then some rhythm:

And some melody and chord-producing instruments were thrown into the mix:

And finally we concluded with a more quiet, deep, and reflective meditation:

It was a fantastic experience, thanks to all who made it out!

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november 21

A very amazing session last evening. We began with two chants, one of “purification” and one walking:

Then after a few rhythmic exercises we broke out into a rhythmic jam:

Then a fairly substantial instrumental piece followed, which had quite a few bluesy overtones in it:

And finally we let the energy die down a bit, embraced silence and explored a more dreamlike soundscape:

Thanks to all who made it out: your creativity and positivity make this possible. Deep bow.

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