recent performances

The Eternal and the Ephemeral, part 2
Classical Guitar Concert
Open Session
Limited Ink Studios
5335 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, California
Aug 14 | Sunday | 7pm

A short classical guitar concert followed by an open session of completely improvised music. (These sessions are called "open" because they are not in any way planned beforehand; also they are open to anyone and everyone who is at all interested in participating.) The guitar concert focused mainly on ambient / atmospheric works (Cage, Brouwer, Harrison) along with some compositions of Tárrega and Anton Diabelli's Prelude no.6, op. 103.

Music of the Classical Guitar
Tin Cup Tea and Gift Shop
818 East Main Street
Richmond, Indiana
June 30 | Thursday | 4pm

I was honored to be able to play two sets of classical guitar music at the Tin Cup; all the more honored as a couple were celebrating their anniversary there. The focus was mainly on the 19th century: Sor, Giuliani, Carulli, Tarrega. But Brouwer, Cage, Pujol, Bach, and Sagreras were featured as well.

Sor, Study no. 16, op. 60

Carulli's Sonata in C major, op 81, no. 1, first movement

Words and Music
Visual Artists, Readings, and Music
Journey Yoga
444 North 10th Street
Richmond, Indiana
June 4 | Saturday | 7pm

A fantastic evening of poetry, short stories, visual arts and music curated by the amazing, multi- talented Steve Cleaver. I was honored to be able to play with the fabulous guitarist Doug Glass. This was our first gig since the early 90s, featuring original music and the bossa nova favorite, Jobim's One Note Samba.

The Eternal and the Ephemeral
Solo Guitar Concert
Journey Yoga
444 North 10th Street
Richmond, Indiana
May 28 | Saturday | 7pm

A solo guitar concert in the acoustically fabulous studio of Journey Yoga. The program included works by: Giuliani, Yocoh, Brouwer, Bach, Milan, Cage, Harrison, Sagreras and M.D. Pujol.

Here is Milan's Fantasia no. XI (1536):

Historic Church Walk
St. Paul's Episcopal Church
800 North A Street
Richmond, Indiana
December 27 | Sunday | 2pm

I was humbled to be able to perform in this year's Historic Church walk. I met many fabulous, warm and interesting people, and I was able to check out the organ loft as well as some other hardly-ever-seen parts of the church. The walk was from 2 to 5 pm so a lot of classical guitar repertoire got played, including many Sor studies (what better way to warm up?) as well as:

Sonatas in C and D major by Ferdinando Carulli
Sakura Varitations by Yuquijiro Yocoh
Pavan by Baruch Bulman
Various Fantasias of Luis Milan
Three Sonatinas, op 71 by Mauro Giuliani.

The acoustics were phenomenal and I hope to get to repeat the experience next year.

photo courtesy of Lisa Erickson

"On The Verge (Of Music)"
ABC No-Rio
156 Rivington Street
New York City
December 6 | Sunday | 7pm | $5

I was joined by the inimitable Ken Silverman (lap steel guitar) and Blaise Siwula (clarinet). The program was comprised of two pieces:

variations on a theme by morton feldman

The introit is based upon the Gregorian chant Recordare (found in the Graduale Romanum, Solesmes) and the variations are based upon Mortomn Feldman's Piano Piece 1952. Many, many amazing things happened, and I was truly humbled to be found in the midst of such creativity. Heartfelt thanks to Ken and Blaise, as well as to Hsin for doing some chanting!

Here's the audio of variations on a theme by morton feldman